SANS 2018

Author Topic PDF Video
Ahmed Al Ferayan Evolution of Neuroendoscopy in Saudi Arabia and its impact PDF Video
Stephen P. Lownie Hybrid neurovascular neurosurgery operating room PDF Video
Jorge -Martinez Laser thermal ablation, neurosurgical perspective PDF Video
Kevin Petrecca Raman spectroscopy, a novel tool in glioma surgery PDF Video
Christian Matula New concepts in Neurotrauma PDF Video
 Brien G. Benoit Medical-Legal Risks in Neurosurgery: The CMPA Experience PDF Video
Ahmed Ammar Value based practice in Neurosurgery PDF Video
Ali Bin Salamah Medical-Legal Risks in Neurosurgery: The Saudi Experience PDF Video
Abdulrazag Ajlan Updates in High-Grade Glioma Management PDF Video
Ahmed Lary Updates in Low-Grade Glioma Management PDF Video
Ameen Alomair Radiation treatment for High-Grade Glioma: Updates PDF Video
Kevin Petrecca Genetic evolutionary changes in glioma stem cells PDF Video
Ali Baaj Spinal Deformity Principles every Neurosurgeon needs to know PDF Video
Mohammed Halawani Cervical sagittal balance: principles PDF Video
Abdulwahed Barnawi Management of spinal deformity secondary to infection: Literature review and surgical technique PDF Video
Mahdi Bassi Deformity secondary to traumatic thoracolumbar fracture PDF Video
Husam Alhabib Degenrative Scoliosis: Aproach to Management PDF Video
Afnan  Samman Volumetric analysis using intraoperative mri (imri) glioma surgery: impact on extent of surgical resection (eor) and survival PDF Video
Sarah A Bin Abdulqader Endoscopic transnasal resection of optic pathway pilocytic astrocytoma PDF Video
Aljohara  Aldhaish Endoscopic Transnasal Resection of Midline Skull Base Meningioma: Tumor Consistency and Surgical outcome PDF Video
Mubarak AL-Gahtany The role of Growth Hormone as a neurotransmitter involved in depression: A human model PDF Video
Hissah K. Al Abdulsalam Institutional variations in glioblastoma management and effect on outcome PDF Video
Abdulaziz  Almubarak Impact of mgmt methylation status on survival rate in relation to glioblastoma chemoradiation therapy on saudi population PDF Video
Mahmoud Sadek Taha Surgery versus new-line chemotherapy for recurrent glioblastoma after full therapy; long-term survival study PDF Video
Ashwag  Alqurashi Comparison The Accuracy of Lumbar Pedicle Screw Insertion Using Intraoperative Computed Tomography Guided Navigation System and Conventional Fluoroscopy Method: A Prospective Clinical Study PDF Video
Nabeel Alnaghmoosh Comparing outcome between back pain dominant and leg pain dominant in fusion surgery for adult Isthmic Spondylolisthesis PDF Video
Hissah K. Al Abdulsalam Craniocervical abnormalities in Chiari malformation 1 PDF Video
Ibrahim AlNaami Quality of life in post lumbar Microdiscectomy patients in Asir region PDF Video
Ashraf   Elkerdany The long term follow up of 1253 cases operated for Carpal tunnel Syndrome in Qatif Cental hospital PDF Video
Syed   Qadri Intra-Corporeal cage expansion for Vertebral fracture kyphus correction in acute traumatic Non-Osteoporotic fractures PDF Video
Reem Bunyan Health care vision in Saudi and 2030 vision: impact on clinical neurosciences PDF Video
Stephen P. Lownie Neurosurgery challenges within health care system: Canadian perspective PDF Video
Sultan Al-Saiari Developing Practice services in neurosurgery: Young neurosurgeons perspective PDF Video
Abdulelah Hawsawi Patient Safety and the SCPS experience PDF Video
Andrew G. Parrent Brain mapping in modern Neurosurgery PDF Video
David Steven Epilepsy surgery in 2018 and beyond PDF Video
Ali Baaj Sagittal balance: Assessment and Clinical Relevance in Spine Surgery PDF Video
Khulood K. AlRaddadi Surgical Outcomes of Spinal Astrocytoma: A Case Series PDF Video
Abdulrahman Alturki Predictors of long-term functional outcome in subarachnoid  hemorrhage, and proposal for a scoring system PDF Video
Dana Al Medallah Implementing apparent diffusion coefficient values to distinguish types of pediatric brain tumor: a possible approach PDF Video
Brien G. Benoit A 20 year experience training Saudi neurosurgery residents in Canada PDF Video
Kai- Scheufler Image guidance in Spine Surgery, development and future directions PDF Video
Mohamed ElBeltagy Multimodal concepts in the management of Pediatric Craniopharyngioma PDF Video
Ahmed Farhoud Management of Intrinsic Brainstem Lesions in Egypt: Difficulties and Pitfalls PDF Video
Kai- Scheufler OLIF approach to the Spine, indications, techniques and outcome PDF Video
Hosam Al-Jehani Simplifying principles in aneurysmal interventions PDF Video
Abdullah Alobaid Advances in AVM surgery PDF Video
Fawaz Alshareef Endovascular cerebral revascularization PDF Video
Jorge -Martinez Stereo EEG PDF Video
Abdul  Msaddi Neurosurgical Management of Spasticity PDF Video
Andrew G. Parrent Occipital nerve stimulation in chronic headache PDF Video
Ahmed Alkhani Deep Brain Stimulation in Epilepsy PDF Video
David Steven Establishment of Epilepsy surgery in Peru PDF Video
Alhanouv Alqahtani “Coil-and-go” model for acute good grade subarachnoid hemorrhage, an innovative care model in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia PDF Video
Fahad  Alotaibi Intraoperative cta in the surgical treatment of cerebral arteriovenous malformations PDF Video
Abdullah  Al Ramadan seizure outcome in moyamoya after indirect revascularization in pediatric patients: retrospective study and literature review PDF Video
Abdulrahman Alturki A novel, easy-to-use grading system for predicting mortality and functional outcome on discharge in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage PDF Video
Bassam  Alaradi Distal middle cerebral artery aneurysm (MCA) pattern: Kingdom of Bahrain experience – 3 case reports PDF Video
Abdullah Alobaid Motor evoked potentials during Intracranial Aneurysm Surgery; efficacy and comparison to somatosensory evoked potentials PDF Video
Sami Khairy The effect of obesity paradox on functional outcome in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage PDF Video
Faisal Al Abbas Compartmental understanding of   the intracranial environment, pathos physiology , measurement and treatment approach PDF Video
Hissah K. Al Abdulsalam Idiopathic intracranial hypertension in children: a multi-institutional review PDF Video
Khalid Siddiqui Strict pre, intra and postoperative protocol for lowering VP shunt infection rate in pediatric age group PDF Video
Abdulrahman Albakr In vivo assessment of spinal cord elasticity using shear wave ultrasound in dogs PDF Video
Alaa Nabil Turkistani Electronic devices Syndrome: the prevalence and risk factors of the modern epidemic in the Saudi general population PDF Video
Mohammed H Bangash what is the impact of brain tumors on the patients nonmedical caregiver? PDF Video
Wisam Al-Issawi Neurosurgery educators, competency-based approach PDF Video
Abdulrahman Sabbagh Neurosurgery simulation, Impact on neurosurgery training paradigms PDF Video
Kevin Petrecca Neurosurgeon scientist experience PDF Video
Saad Ali Haj Balry Readliness for Digital Transformation among SANS Professionals: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice PDF Video
Christian Matula Decompressive craniotomy in head injury PDF Video
Faisal Al-Abbas Homeostatic approaches to traumatic brain injury PDF Video
Bassam Addas Peripheral nerve injuries, pearls for the general neurosurgeon PDF Video
Amro Al-Habib Spinal cord injury: Timing of decompression PDF Video