SANS 2016

Author Title PDF Video
Shaker Abdullah Genomes of  High Grade Glioma PDF Video
Ahmed I. Lary Surgical Resection of  HGGs PDF Video
Abdulrazag Ajlan Glioblastoma: Adjuvant Treatment PDF Video
Ali Abdullah Balbaid Epidemiology of High Grade Glioma in Saudi Arabia PDF Video
Abdulrahman Albakr Sherif Elwatidy Different Approaches and Outcome of Surgery for Tumors of the Lateral and Third Ventricle: an Institutional Series of 42 Patients PDF Video
MAHMOUD M. TAHA OSAMA ABD EL AZIZ GABER NORHAN ABDALLA SABBAH Association between δ-aminolevulinate dehyatase G177C polymorphism and blood lead levels in brain tumor patients PDF Video
 Gmaan Alzhrani
Norah Abdulaziz Alarifi
Hamed Azarnoush
Fahad Alotaibi
Abdulrahman Sabbagh
Alexander Winkler-chwartz
Susanne Lajoie
Rolando Del Maestro
Effects of Repetition of Technical Skills Independent of External Instruction on Surgical Performance Using Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator NeuroTouch PDF Video
 Ahmed Lary
Ali balbaid
Rabea Qutub
Saad Al-Maimouni
Hemorrhagic Glioblastoma Multiform: Prevalence , Predisposing Factors and Prognosis Among Adult KFMC Patients. PDF Video
Essam Saleh  Decision Making in  Jugular Foramen Tumors PDF Video
Khalil i. KURDI Do you Treat  YES PDF Video
Hosam Al-Jehani UIA, Why not to treat? PDF Video
Yasser Orz , Mahmoud AL-Yamany
& Sultan AlQahtani
Surgical Management of Unruptured Intracranial AVM PDF Video
Neville Russell The Legend PDF Video
M.M. Al-Qattan Process of Research and how to become a Surgeon Scientist PDF Video
Abdulhakim Jamjoom State of Clinical Neuroscience Research in Saudi Arabia – Where Do We Rank in the World? PDF Video
Hany A. Fikry Eldawoody
Mohamed Mostafa Aziz
Wasem Aziz
Posterior fossa AVMs; endovascular management challenges PDF Video
Faris Alebdi
Abdelaziz Sagga
Ibrahim AlNaami
Endovascular Management for Tandem Occlusions of Anterior Cerebral Circulation: Systematic Analysis of 99 Patients from Literature PDF Video
Hosam Al-Jehani Blunt cerebrovascular injury and implications in KSA PDF Video
S R M Qai
I Aboul Fetouh
R M Rebai
H Azzouni
S A Assaggaf
S Bajammal
I Lubed
Decompressive Craniectomy for Spontaneous intracerebral hematoma
The KFHJ experience
PDF Video
Faisal Almatrafi,
Mohammad Hasen,
Bashaier Almulhim,
Hosam Al-Jehani
Stroke awareness in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, a wake up call PDF Video
Afnan Samman
Saleh Baeesa
Decopmpressive Craniectomy for Malignant Middle Cerebral Artery Infarction: Local Experience from Two Tertiary Care Centre PDF Video