On behalf of SANS Executive Board and SANS Research Committee, it gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of SANS 50,000 Riyal Research Grant for Multi-Center Trails. First of all, I would like to thank the respected committee who evaluated all the proposals over the last few weeks to reach this final decision. The committee members were professor Ahmed Ammar, professor Zain Jamjoom, professor Abdulhakim Jamjoom, and professor Saleh Baeesa. The evaluation process was blinded, where the names of applicants and centers were removed, before the proposals sent to the members. Each evaluator did evaluation separately based on four items, and then the total points were considered. Also, I would like to thank all applicants for their great ideas, and special thanks to Ms. Sumayah for her great job in following this subject until it was done.

The winner is Dr. Abdulrazag Ajlan and his group.
The topic is:
The Effectiveness of Preoperative Antiseptic Preparation in Transnasal Skull Base
Surgery: A Randomized Three Arm Controlled Trial.
Congratulations Dr. Ajlan


SANS Research Committee